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Whether you need to produce quick-turn prototypes, long production runs, or more large scale parts, NMF has the scale, capacity, and expertise to bring your designs to life. NMF integrates its production centers seamlessly with 3D engineering models allowing for smooth and accurate production of quality products. Look at our project showcase.


Mazak Mark II 2D 4000-Watt Laser

Mazak 1
  • 6'x12' max. part size
  • Maximum Material Thickness:
    Carbon Steelthrough 0.75"
    Stainless Steelthrough 0.50"
    Aluminumthrough 0.25"
  • +/- .0005" Cutting Tolerance
  • Minimal kerf allows for precision cuts
  • Narrow heat affection reduces thermal distortion
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Our state-of-the-art Mazak FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) has a holding capacity of 30 tons and can operate 24/7 continuously with only minimal intervention. At the heart of this networked system is a 4000-watt Mazak laser capable of nearly burr-free precision parts.


Tanaka 6000-Watt Laser

Tanaka Main
  • 13'x42' max. part size
  • Maximum Material Thickness:
    Carbon Steelthrough 1.25"
    Stainless Steelthrough 0.75"
    Aluminumthrough 0.25"
  • +/- .010" Cutting Tolerance
  • Minimal kerf allows for precision cuts
  • Narrow heat affection reduces thermal distortion
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If your design calls for oversized parts, NMF employs our heavy-duty Tanaka laser - one of the largest and most powerful cutting systems in North America. Automatic travel over a 42'x13' surface lets the 6000-watt laser make short work of materials up to 1.25" thick.

ALLtra 400 Amp Full Contour Bevel Plasma Cutting Station

  • Features:
    12'-8" x 46'-6" max. part size
    Full contour bevel station to (+/-) 45°
    38" tall dome cutting station
  • Maximum Material Thickness:
    Carbon Steelthrough 2" pierce, 3" edge start
    Stainless Steelthrough 1-3/4" pierce, 3" edge start
    Aluminumthrough 1-3/4" pierce, 3" edge start
  • Oxy/Fuel cutting station up to 6" thick mild steel
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Cincinnati 24ft 600 Ton Mechanical Press Brake

  • 24' max. part size
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Rolling some of the complex shapes in the industry is no problem for our fully hydraulic Plate Bending Rolls. 3-Roll Double Pinch construction with prebending ability provides the versatility to roll ob-round shapes, segments, cylinders and even cones.

Our Press Brake capacity ranges from 175 to 600 tons with lengths through 24 feet. We maintain a variety of high-strength dies to keep our forming precise regardless of material.

Quality is assured by an experienced staff coupled with CNC controllers with 3D model integration, advanced gauging and hydraulics.

AccurPress 12'x175 Ton, 14'x250 Ton, 12'x500 Ton Hydraulic Press Brakes

AccurPress Brake
  • CNC crowning with hydraulic clamping
  • CNC sheet lift support
  • 3D programming capabilities
  • Precision Wila® tooling
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Plate Rolls

Rolling Main
  • Montgomery 4R120625
    Max Plate Thickness:1"
    Rolls to:20" Diameter
  • Imcar 4RH Mod 8/3
    Max Plate Thickness:1/2"
    Rolls to:13" Diameter
  • Waldemar K-6-5
    Max Plate Thickness:3/8"
    Rolls to:6" Diameter
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Angle Roll

Rolling Main
  • Davi MCP 3211 Roller
  • Click the picture below for detailed specs: Davi Capacity
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NMF integrates many technologies into our fabrication system to lend greater flexibility in processing a large selection of materials, including multiple vertical saws.

Vertical Saw Capacity

Sawing Main
  • Max material size: 22" horizontal, 27" vertical @ 90°
  • Miter:
    22" horizontal, 20" vertical @ 45°
    22" horizontal, 13-1/2" vertical @ 60°
    22" horizontal, 13" vertical @ 60°
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Milltronics RH20 Rigid Head Bed Mill

  • Standard table size: 54"x16"
  • Table Travel - X Axis: 40"
  • Saddle Travel - Y Axis: 20"
  • Head Travel - Z Axis: 24"
  • Throad Distance Spindle to Column: 21"
  • Maximum Table Load: 2500 lb
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Material World

NMF is experienced in production with a variety of materials:

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