Northern Metal Fab, Inc.

Material Handling Capacities

Room for the biggest imaginations

Northern Metal Fab’s welding and assembly bays can accommodate final assemblies 15' wide x 17' tall and as long as 100'. We have a number of fork lifts that range in capacity from 2,500 lbs. to 27 tons. We also have two plants with a combined production floor space of nearly 94,000 SQFT.


Plant 1, 510 Vandeberg St. Baldwin, WI

51,000 SQFT of production area with welding and fabrication dedicated to three bays: 50'x100', 40'x200', and 50'x200'

2 to 20 ton overhead cranes with max lift capacity of 100,000 lbs.

(14) 2 ton capacity jib cranes


Plant 2, 500 Evergreen St. Baldwin, WI

42,750 SQFT of production area with welding and fabrication decicated to two bays 50'x285'

5 to 10 ton overhead cranes with a max lift capacity of 60,000 lbs.

(12) 1 ton capacity jib cranes


Interior and Exterior Temporary Storage

Sometimes projects timelines or billing schedules can affect the timing of product shipments. NMF understands these difficulties. NMF has 20,000 SQFT of unheated interior storage, and 7 acres of exterior storage available for our customers at competitive rates and modest rigging costs.

In-Demand Supply

NMF obtains quality materials from highly regarded suppliers:

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